Short Term Courses

Short Term course on Digital Film Making (Weekend)

BOFTA offers a short term week-end Digital Film Making course, which will be for 12 weekends, commencing August 2017.


Classes will be held over 12 weekends


Anyone with an interest in filmmaking is eligible for this course. There is no age or education limit. The course will provide you an opportunity to explore scriptwriting, camera, editing and sound design with both aesthetic and technical inputs. This could be a beginning of an interesting journey into filmmaking for students.

Course Fee

The Course fee varies for each course and do contact our Admission Counselor at 90030 78000 or 90030 79000 for further information on the same.

Course commences on: August 2017
Timing: 9.30am to 5.30pm
Limited seats


  • Director B. Lenin
  • Director John Mahendran
  • Director S.S. Stanly
  • Director Sathya Suriya
  • Producer G. Dhananjayan
  • Professor 'Aranthai' Manian

Interested persons may apply online or contact the Academy by email at or or
by phone (+91 90030 78000 or 90030 79000) for any further clarifications.

Course Details:

Hands on Training will be provided on Story, Screenplay writing, Introduction to Cameras, Lensing & Lighting, Practical on Editing (Dubbing, Sound Effects & Mixing) and Filmmaking. Training to make one short film shall be provided to the students, which can become the starting point for a film career to the students.


Students who completed the course and finished a short film, shall be provided with a Certificate of Completion by BOFTA.

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